Sunday, 23 March 2014

Loud golf - Mark II

The first pair of loud golf trousers were loved so much at a second pair was soon commissioned!

These were actually made in time for The Monthly Stitch Smarty Pants month of February, but I've been a bit delayed a) photographing them and b) writing up the post.

There isn't really that much to say about these. I used the same pattern as before, Vogue 8719


I did however make a change to the "front" pockets. The Vogue pattern has these as in seam pockets. These weren't that successful as golf trousers. A man needs to put golf balls, tees, pitchmark repairers, ball markers, not to mention a handkerchief in his pockets when he's playing golf, consequently the pockets needed a rethink.

Even though I can't get my own trouser muslin to fit...

Oh my god, does my bum really look like that?

... the front slash pockets on the Thurlow pattern are really good. And so I used the same idea for Mr N's second pair.

I cut a triangle from the top side seam of the front pieces

And used this as a template for the remainder of the pocket. The pattern pockets start at waist level, so I made pouch larger and cut this twice, one without the triangle template, and one with.

So the slash pockets were born. These are a complete success. I am really pleased how these have worked. I also made the back pockets slightly deeper with no flap over the top. They needed to be deeper, Mr N's wallet kept falling out... :-)

The topstitching was all done with a green thread, the same colour as the green in the pattern, however, this isn't visible with so much loud pattern!

The details...

Fabric: Stretch cotton sateen from Spotlight, October 2013 (can't remember the cost)
Notions:   Thread, a standard dress zip, one button and interfacing for the waistband (yes I actually used a button and buttonhole on the waistband!)
Pattern:  Vogue 8719
First worn:  For the Holland Cup trials at Karori Golf Club February 2014
Changes made:   Altered the inseam side pockets to be slash pockets and also enlarged the back pockets.
Another one?  Mm, I have a feeling this customer will never be satisfied! More, more! I would like to make some more in sturdier fabric, more as everyday trousers. The slash pockets were a complete success, as were the larger back pockets.

Not many photos on this one and Mr N doesn't look that happy in this photo! I promise you he is happy. I think he was itching to get to the club and having photos taken was delaying him! :-)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Twirly Tanias

These are so twirly, in Wellington I don't need to twirl, I just need to stand on our deck on a normal day and the twirl happens!

The February theme for The Monthly Stitch was smarty pants. Originally I'd thought to make some trousers for me, but after I made the muslin and started trying to get them to fit, I gave up on them as a bad job. Yep, no patience and now really knowing what I was doing, and the enthusiasm kinda waned. So after a little encouragement, the Twirly Tanias were born.

I had the pattern, all I needed to do was find some fabric from the stash. Thanks to Mel and Kat, the problem was so solved! ;-) And then it all started. A triplets photo shoot with Mel and Kat, which quickly morphed into a Tania's trip to the Newtown Fair last Sunday as a meet-up. So in my last post there were four wearing the same. In this post we become five!

Thanks Mel for the photo, taken by the lovely Sandra
Me, Emma, Kat, Mel and Jenna

Initially I thought I might be too old for this pattern, but it was way too cute to ignore! [I know I'm not really that old, but... you know...] I'm glad I didn't. The pattern is so easy to make up, just four pieces which make up in two shakes of a lamb's tail. The centre front and back have a pleat on each leg which completely cover up the seams and ensure the torso section of the culottes fits perfectly. For once my invisible zip went in without a hitch.

Photo from Mel

However, be warned, these are short... I was working with fabric from stash, so could only lengthen these by about 2 inches on top of the XL. I'm glad I did, honestly you don't really need to see much more of my bare legs than this! :-)

The pattern instructions were so easy to follow, but I was surprised it didn't mention anything about letting the hem drop before hemming them. I think these hung for about five days all told, then hemmed them with a narrow hem on the machine. Not that you can really tell if they are straight or not in the Wellington wind!

The wind certainly blew down at the fair, but it didn't stop us eating roti, fudge, candy floss and spending far too much on fripperies - like my collection of earrings?

And having fun taking photos of each other (these three pics all from Mel)...

Mel and I

Emma and Kat - with youngsters peaking

 Kat and Jenna

And in the distance Mel's Fashionable Younger sister joined in having been cajoled into making culottes as well. Just check out these!

Those are short, but she looks great.

And if you're wondering about the necklace, here's a link to her website, Fortune and Blame, with other amazing jewellery which she makes.

The details...
Fabric:  Purple cotton with a linen look from Arthur Toye in Wellington. Not sure when or how much it cost, but it's been in the stash at least a year.
Notions:  Thread, invisible zip and a button from stash.
Pattern:  Megan Nielson Tania Culottes
Changes:  Lengthened the culottes by about 2 inches.
First worn: To the Newtown Fair with the WSBN. I think these will be good in the winter. The fabric although quite light is a perfect colour to go with opaque tights for the winter (as long as the wind doesn't blow too much :-) )
Worn with:  McCalls top (finished at the same time, yet to blog about), sandals from Overland. Like them (and my nail polish?)

Another one?  I'm quite tempted by making a long black pair which I can wear for concerts, but I think I'd have to lose some of the fullness, otherwise they would be very full!
I took some photos when I got home from the fair, unsure of what had been taken there. It was definitely windy on our deck and Mr N had great fun laughing at me...

 Note to self - circle skirts and Wellington winds don't match :-)

Friday, 7 March 2014

Blue Bleuet for Blue February

Yes, I know it's March, but this was made, worn and photographed in February.

A blue Bleuet from Deer and Doe, made for Blue February. How's that for a bit of alliteration? Not bad I thought :-)

Now I love this dress, yes I know I said that about my Daisy Anna and it possibly seems fickle, but I do, I love this dress.

I didn't have masses of fabric for this pattern, the fabric was originally bought for a blouse! I did however manage to be careful how I placed the pieces and actually the pattern does line up all the way round. I was even careful over the collar and bow. The sleeves were not quite so successful, I initally cut them both the same way! I ended up using what was left to cut out the sleeve again - the right way! The under collar is in two pieces! You can't see it!

This is called creative cutting - the sleeves aren't even in this image!

The remains of my cutting out!

As you can see there was very little left! I have to say, there's not really much to say which hasn't already been said by other numerous bloggers. I lengthened the waist length by about half an inch (a regular adjustment of mine), I also added a couple of inches to the hem. The cuffs on the sleeves are the right size for once. Often I find they are too tight for my arms. I didn't make these cuffs/bands any bigger and they fit perfectly.

I did find that the princess seam was not perfectly placed so had to adjust it so the main bust was slightly lower. This is a regular adjustment for me too.

One thing I didn't do was all the top stitching. I decided my fabric spoke for itself and so left off top stitching on the collar and cuffs. I actually did the cuffs differently. I attached the cuff on the flat, then stitched up the side seam on the sleeve before folding over and hand stitching the cuff in place on the underside.

I'd read in a couple of places that the placket wasn't the widest, so I also changed the way the placket was created. Since my fabric is quite bulky I just turned under about a quarter of an inch, then folded another inch and quarter. This actually gave me a winder placket to deal with and sew the buttonholes.

Parp, parp!

The details...
Fabric:  A stretch cotton from Arthur Toye in Palmerston North, bought July 2013 for about $40. There was 2m of 1.4m wide. It's navy blue with a kind of pale blue embossed pattern.
Notions:  Thread and buttons which came from Made on Marion here in Wellington.
Pattern:  Deer and Doe Bleuet
First worn:  At Staglands in the middle of February. I've worn it for work plenty of times since and get so many compliments!
Changes:  Lengthened the waist length by about half an inch, lengthened the dress length by about 2 inches. Slightly lowered the full bust in the princess seams. Stitched the sleeve cuffs and placket differently to the pattern.
Another one?  Mm, not sure really why I ask myself this question. I love this first bleuet I've made, but another one just may not work out as well.
Oh, you want to know where the photos were taken? Well with a pattern company called Deer and Doe, where else should we go, but Staglands! This wildlife park is in the north of the region and has birds, pigs, fish and of course deer. :-) The plan was for the WSBN to wear a Deer and Doe pattern. In the end only four of us turned up in a Deer and Doe pattern and all of us...

...made the same pattern. Yep, Jen, Kat, me and Mel, all turned up in the bleuet! We had a good day, there were five WSBN members with husbands and children in tow. We had a picnic and then toured the park. It was great fun, as well as being a hot sunny day!

We actually had one lady ask us about the pattern, she'd noticed that the dresses were all the same.

This photo taken by Mel's husband

It gave us a great place for group shots and it's always fun having photos with others, even giving us the chance to bomb individual pics...

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Anna Mk II - Daisy Anna

I knew I'd have to make another Anna dress soon. And I didn't wait long to do so.

Meet "Daisy Anna"

This was real stash-busting, the fabric I bought over a year ago and it's been waiting for the perfect pattern. I reckon it's found it!

This is the slash neck mid length version of By Hand London Anna dress - if you hadn't already guessed :-) I was so excited cutting this out and trying so hard to fit all the pieces that I forgot to lengthen the bodice. It's a wee bit short in the waist, but I can certainly live with it!

Some of the skirt pieces are upside down, I can't tell, so neither can you, and if you can, shut up, cos I don't care!! :-) I so wanted to keep the gored skirt which is on the pattern. I just think it's perfect for it and didn't want to add a gathered or pleated skirt. I did have to remove some of the width from the skirt pieces too.

Skirt pattern placement

You wanna see how much was left at the end?

Yep, that's creative cutting :-)

And there was little fabric left for a hem, so this is what the hem looks like on the inside...

You like?

There's not really much else to say. This pattern is just a joy to sew, it goes together really easily and is quick to make. OK, possibly a wardrobe full of Anna dresses may get a bit too much, but only a bit you understand!

And so the details...
Fabric:  (Possibly vintage) cotton from Unearthed (a vintage shop on Cuba St, Wellington), bought on my first WSBN meet, November 2012, I think it was $25.
Notions:  Thread, a standard dress zip,interfacing and ribbon for the hem
Pattern:  By Hand London Anna
First worn:  I think for work a couple of weeks ago, worn here at Staglands with the WSBN.
Changes:  Shifted the bodice pleats to the centre slightly and sewed them about an inch shorter. Oh, and my new fave, it has a handpicked zip instead of an invisible zip. Just check this out...

I love hand sewing! Particularly when I get a result like this!

Although I first wore this to work, I didn't get photos until we went to Staglands, so here's a cutesy pic for you or two...

Now I'm not the best with any animal, but this little bunny let me hold him for ages. He was so soft and warm.

Oh and as an aside, it looks like I'll be making the GatherKits Mortmain in March. You have bossed and 44% of you voted for the Mortmain, the Vogue and Elisalex getting 27% of votes each.

Now all I need to do is to find an exposed zip which I like!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Time for you to decide...

In my madness, I've decided I'll take part in another Monthly Stitch Challenge...

For March, the girls at TMS thought it would be good to make up a pattern which we've never made up before. Easy eh? Yeah, right, I just happened to be there when they came up with the twist in the tail... Why don't we get participants to put three patterns on their blogs and get people to vote on which of the three they should make? And so the Miss Bossy Patterns was born!


And so, without further ado, these are my three patterns, with possible fabrics...

Vintage Vogue 8728 made in this really soft cotton lawn, which you may recognise from the Curious Kiwi's blog... This fabric will need lining, so it'll certainly be an interesting make.

By Hand London Elisalex in this cotton sateen in red with grey and white flowers. Not sure how the skirt will look on me, I might have to alter it slightly.

A new acquisition to my collection, Gather Kits The Mortmain in this cotton sateen. This dress has an exposed zip which I've never sewn before, so may be interesting to make.

So you have a week to let me know what you think I should make! This is going to be fun!

Sew Miss Bossy, which pattern should I make?

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Loud golf skort

So, not to be outdone by Mr N, I needed my own loud clothing for the golf course! I've been meaning to make a skort for ages and actually bought some pale green stretch cotton to make one about a year ago. That has since been made into a straight short skirt (not blogged about, but on My Makes page).

I spent ages looking for a pattern and pinned loads on a Pinterest board while I made a decision. You wouldn't believe how many patterns I actually found. Did I really want a skort, or did I want culottes? In the end, would I actually finish them in time for Closing Day in the middle of December? After cogitating and ruminating I mashed up two and came up with this...

I bought the fabric the same time as getting the fabric for Mr N's loud trousers. He actually saw this stretch cotton and thought it would be fun for his trousers, then I told him it had flowers on it, he changed his mind, but agreed it would be fun for a loud skort for me.

Patterns, well I bought the fabric first and then chose the pattern(s). All the vintage patterns were so cute and I really wanted one, but have you found a vintage pattern to fit a modern size 16? Mm, I haven't either. So, I thought I'd be brave... The shorts come from this pattern, Kwik Sew 3232

Mm, I don't really like Kwik Sew, but sometimes needs must! 

And the skirt came from...

Butterick 4766 - how cute is that pattern?

As you can see, the Butterick is a vintage size 12, ie small, well, smaller than me :-) I decided the skirt would be easier to grade up than the shorts. 

The Butterick pattern is a false wrap skirt with a back zip, the Kwik Sew pattern is just a plain skirt with a side zip. The Kwik Sew has in seam pockets, the Butterick has a slash pocket on one side and a patch pocket on the front. This was why the Butterick skirt definitely won me over.

I made a muslin of the shorts and was pretty happy with the fit. Fortunately they don't have to be perfect since they are covered by the skirt. I then actually made up the shorts before even cutting out the skirt. Possibly completely the wrong way round, but it worked for me, so do I care?

And here they are on, they are really comfortable and fit quite well as a pair of shorts (I've never made shorts for me before!) And comfort is important when you're playing golf. The last thing I want is to be constantly fidgeting with my clothes.

For the skirt I laid the Butterick pattern on top of the Kwik Sew pattern to try to get some idea of the size I needed to make. Out came the curve to get it the right fit.

This is how much was left once I'd cut the skirt out...

Don't you just love it when there's just scraps left? No wondering what to do with the remains.

The zip is just a centred zip in the back. It's actually only attached to the skirt part. The shorts are just edge finished and, yes, I guess if the skirt was high enough, you'd see the gap and most likely my knickers! (OK, too much information there!) The skirt is basically four pieces in an A-line shape, so no darts. I didn't actually baste the wrap part until I'd lined up the side seams. I'm sure my construction is decidedly ad hoc, but it completely worked for me. :-)

I put the patch pocket on the front and found some ribbon in my stash to put across the top, as in the Butterick pattern. The ribbon is stitched down at half inch intervals to provide space for my tees.

In practice it doesn't work that well, as soon as I bend down, the tees pop out!

I'm not sure there's anything else about the construction. The seams are all finished using pinking shears and the hem is machine stitched.

And so the details...
Fabric: Stretch cotton sateen from Spotlight, October 2013 (can't remember the cost)
Notions:   Thread, a standard dress zip, two buttons, interfacing for the waistband and a wee bit of ribbon to finish the pocket.
Pattern:  A mashup of vintage Butterick 4766 and Kwik Sew 3232
First worn:  For the Closing Day competition at Karori Golf Club at middle of December 2013, I finished it the night before!
Another one?  Not really sure, it's really comfortable and great for golf. The pockets are large enough for spare balls, tees, pitch mark repairer, etc. I probably will even get away with wearing leggings under it in the cooler weather. I feel much happier wearing it too, I'm not really a trousers person and much prefer to wear a skirt. This gives me combination of the two.

Oh I guess you want action shots don't you, otherwise you'll not believe that I actually wore it on the course...

Teeing off on the 9th - I'm keeping my eye on that small white round dimpled thing :-)

Putting on the 9th