Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Indie Pattern Month - I'm in

Yep, there's life, I'm still here. It's just been a bit frantic, plus with my broken ankle, I couldn't cut out stuff easily, since I like to crawl around on the floor to cut out. We've moved house and I've now got a proper sewing room all of my own - once I clear some of the boxes out of the way! But what better way to get sewing in my new home than to join in with a challenge/sewalong. So I'm going to join in with my fellow Wellington bloggers and cool friends Mel and Kat, and take part in Indie Pattern Month.

I've a number of patterns from independent publishers/designers. I've not made a half of them, but they're in the collection and nagging me often saying "please make me"! A list of my patterns is on my Pinterest page. I've kept this as my pattern library, which I can access wherever I am.


There are a few more than in this image, but here's a taster!

I've made up some of my Colette patterns: Sorbetto, Violet and Beignet; so the plan this time is to finally use one of my Sewaholic patterns. I'm going for the Alma blouse. I've got some white eyelet cotton, I bought ages ago, specifically to make a blouse which never got made up. So this will be using up the stash, testing out a new pattern and taking part in the Indie sewalong. A three in one bargain - hoorah!

I have a plan to slightly change the pattern, so fingers crossed it works. I'm not giving any of this away here but will certainly let you know how it goes.

If you want to know more about the sewalong, check out Kat's blog, where she has a sign up page and really cool button which you can add to your blog, not forgetting to check out the sewing blogging awesomeness who have already signed up.

Indie pattern month 

So, or should I say sew? here's to my new creation in my new room!