Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A little bit of alteration

I got this dress sometime ago in a sale. Unfortunately, I've expanded somewhat and the top of the dress doesn't fit! The skirt is still perfectly OK. I think I've only worn it once as a dress, so instead of wasting a perfectly good dress, I decided I'd turn it into something else.

After cogitating and ruminating for a while, looking at patterns for tops, chatting to friends; I decided to just make a skirt, but find some sort of embellishment to add to it.The fabric is silk, it hangs beautifully and the skirt is quite full, so it's lovely to wear. The colour is the most gorgeous purple.

I was pleased how easily I managed to unpick the stitching between the top and bottom. [Although perhaps shop bought clothes aren't made so well now and can be taken apart easily...] I kept the lining, since silk can be a bit clingy and I thought it would hang better.

Originally I was going to stitch the waistband and put the zip in, with the lining included. I decided in the end to put some more interfacing in the waistband to give it a bit more shape and then sew in the concealed zip leaving the lining loose. I've not had that much success with concealed zips, but I think this one worked quite well.

Finding something to add to the skirt to "jazz" it up was interesting. I eventually stumbled upon a website called JosyRose, who sell sequin and bead trims, as well as buttons and other haberdashery. After ordering a mountain of different samples, I eventually ordered enough of two to dress up the bottom of the skirt.

The top one I've decided to keep to add to a top, but actually have enough of the bottom one to add two rows round the bottom. I've pinned one row for now and will add the other later.

So... I just need to hand sew the trim on and it's ready. I've made a top to go with it (I'll put this in later). And all I have left is the top of the dress which I really can't decide what to do with...

Monday, 23 May 2011

Joining the merry throng

I'm new to this, but having followed various sewing blogs over the last few months, I decided I had to join in and create my own.

I sew in phases. Sometimes I've got lots on the go and other times, there'll be nothing for a while. Sewing is my way of escaping. I get frustrated at the best of times with it, but am really pleased at the end when I think I've got something which no one else has.

I'll probably start with my current project(s), once they're finished I can put up photos of some of the other things I've made over the years.

I hope you enjoy!