Saturday, 23 May 2015

La Sylphide #2 the monochrome version

I made my first Papercut Patterns La Sylphide last year from some quilting cotton. This monochrome fabric has been in my stash for some time and one day last year the Curious Kiwi and Modern Vintage Cupcakes came round and played Miss Bossy on my stash. This was one of the projects they bossed me to make! How could I let them down?

The fabric is perfect for a La Sylphide, it's a lovely drapey viscose. Perfect for the bow and the circle skirt. I really love how different my two versions of the same pattern are completely different. Yes I know this is a really simple comment when the fabrics are so different, but I don't care!

My first dress I made no changes but decided that it would be a good idea to do an FBA to help the bodice fit better. Now there is not a great deal of difference between my high and low bust but an FBA helps with this bodice where there is just a waist dart. I think I possibly did a 2cm FBA, it might even have been a wee bit less than that. The bust dart created is small, but it's just enough to ensure the bodice fits better and has that little bit extra shape where I need it.

The width of this fabric also meant that the skirt is very much about the fullness of the original pattern too. I did lengthen the skirt patterns by about 6 inches. Consequently it's full and swishy! :-)

All seams were finished on my overlocker.

The details
Fabric: Black and cream viscose from Bishop's Stortford market, UK, bought September 2011
Notions: Thread, interfacing and buttons
Pattern: Papercut Patterns La Sylphide, size M
Changes made: A small FBA and lengthened the skirt
First worn: To work in Sydney, the week after Easter, photos here on our lower deck at home. Worn here for tea with the WSBN girls and an addition at The Little Teapot in Wellington (for more see my next post...)
Another one/Recommendations: I really do love this pattern and made up in viscose, it's so feminine and floaty. I love it. I think I might be tempted to make another and it's actually relatively fast to make up too.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Nina in red...

It all began with my fellow WSBN friend Nina... She has made so many of these I just has to copy since I love a longer length cardi... And, oh my! I have found pattern love! Trust me, this is lurve!! ;-)

I bought this pattern printed and just couldn't wait for it to come through the post. I'd bought the fabric before the pattern - oops! Style Arc patterns have little instructions. They are quite brief with few pictures. Now for those who know me, this is hard, I'm a pictures kinda gal and if you're pattern instructions don't have images, well I'm generally not interested... Saying that, this is NOT a difficult pattern to make up!

Now if you've not made a Style Arc pattern, you are in for a treat. I'm not the most careful of people when it comes to notches, etc on pattens and these patterns are drafted so well. Everything lined up to perfection, I had no strange overhangs at the end of seams, no out of place notches. I was definitely impressed. I think I made this up in an afternoon! That's quick for me!

The whole cardigan was put together on my overlocker. I used my machine to attach binding tape to the shoulder seams and back of the neck and I used the double needle to finish the cuffs. I also used the overlocker to edge the front drape. Reason why? The pattern says to "BabyLock edge" Quite convenient that I have a BabyLock really :-)

The details
Fabric: Red jersey knit from the Fabric Warehouse, January 2015.
Notions: Thread and tape for the shoulder seams, and back of neck.
Pattern: Style Arc Nina cardigan, size 14
Changes made: None
First worn: Middle of April sometime. As soon as I'd finished it, it had to be worn! Worn here for photos at Fabric-a-Brac last weekend with a RTW top, Stepalica Zlata skirt (a gift from Sandra) and shoes from Overland.
Another one/Recommendations: Yep definitely. Another is already cut out and ready to make up. I really recommend this pattern. It is so quick and easy to make up. The fit is great. This red cardi is getting so much wear already. I love it.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Sewaholic Davie Dress

I finally jumped on the Davie bandwagon. I actually jumped on the bandwagon pretty much as soon as it was released, but haven't blogged it until now. I finished the dress just before Easter, yes, it's taken me that long!

And so... As you can probably tell from the photo above, I've had some issues with this pattern. It could be the fabric I chose to use, it was a relatively cheap jersey knit from Pete's Emporium in Porirua. Well it was purple, you see...

When I first made the pattern up, I showed the photo to Mel and Sandra from the WSBN. They suggested I take it in above the bust to take account of my full bust being lower than the pattern is designed for.

The trouble is the armscye was already low and by the time I'd taken in the seam it became even lower! It's definitely obvious when I wear it without a belt as the fabric drags the dress even lower.

I was very lazy, I did not topstitch the seams, I actually made the whole thing up on my overlocker and also cut the centre back seam on the fold. I did topstitch around the cut out on the centre front to finish it off. I did consider sewing a button here, but have left it.

I don't really think there's much more to say. I think it might be worth trying to make again with a more stable knit and I'll raise the armscye this time.

The details
Fabric: Purple jersey knit from Pete’s Emporium, Porirua, bought March 2015, I used less than 2m of 150cm wide.
Notions: Thread and tape for the shoulder seams.
Pattern: Sewaholic Davie, view A, size 12
Changes made: I cut the centre back on the fold, didn't topstitch the seams and slightly adjusted the princess seam for my own bust.
First worn: Sometime around Easter with a jumper underneath - it was cold! I took these at the beginning of Easter.
Another one/Recommendations: Mm, I'm unsure, mainly due to the problems I've had with the Princess seam and the armscye. I still really like the pattern. I just think I need to do a bit more work with it, and find a more stable knit to make it with.
As you can probably tell, I'm definitely in two minds about this dress. To be honest I don't mind it on, but I need to remember a belt and a cardi or jumper underneath. Too much underarm showing for my comfort!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Me Made May 2015

A bit late signing up to the party even though I posted a couple of photos on Instagram and Twitter at the weekend. I'm officially using this post to sign up for Me Made May 2015. The last time I joined So, Zo in one of these parties was for Self-Stitched September in 2011!

I, Nikki, from Nikki's Stitches, will wear at least one me-made garment each day throughout May 2015.

I'll be posting weekly updates on Instagram and Twitter (@1107nikki) and will do a complete post here on my blog at the end of the month.