Saturday, 9 May 2015

Sewaholic Davie Dress

I finally jumped on the Davie bandwagon. I actually jumped on the bandwagon pretty much as soon as it was released, but haven't blogged it until now. I finished the dress just before Easter, yes, it's taken me that long!

And so... As you can probably tell from the photo above, I've had some issues with this pattern. It could be the fabric I chose to use, it was a relatively cheap jersey knit from Pete's Emporium in Porirua. Well it was purple, you see...

When I first made the pattern up, I showed the photo to Mel and Sandra from the WSBN. They suggested I take it in above the bust to take account of my full bust being lower than the pattern is designed for.

The trouble is the armscye was already low and by the time I'd taken in the seam it became even lower! It's definitely obvious when I wear it without a belt as the fabric drags the dress even lower.

I was very lazy, I did not topstitch the seams, I actually made the whole thing up on my overlocker and also cut the centre back seam on the fold. I did topstitch around the cut out on the centre front to finish it off. I did consider sewing a button here, but have left it.

I don't really think there's much more to say. I think it might be worth trying to make again with a more stable knit and I'll raise the armscye this time.

The details
Fabric: Purple jersey knit from Pete’s Emporium, Porirua, bought March 2015, I used less than 2m of 150cm wide.
Notions: Thread and tape for the shoulder seams.
Pattern: Sewaholic Davie, view A, size 12
Changes made: I cut the centre back on the fold, didn't topstitch the seams and slightly adjusted the princess seam for my own bust.
First worn: Sometime around Easter with a jumper underneath - it was cold! I took these at the beginning of Easter.
Another one/Recommendations: Mm, I'm unsure, mainly due to the problems I've had with the Princess seam and the armscye. I still really like the pattern. I just think I need to do a bit more work with it, and find a more stable knit to make it with.
As you can probably tell, I'm definitely in two minds about this dress. To be honest I don't mind it on, but I need to remember a belt and a cardi or jumper underneath. Too much underarm showing for my comfort!


  1. Nikki that armscye being too low and too forward is a classic issue when a dress is not drafted for a fuller bust. If I were you, I'd cut across the scoop of the armscye when cutting out and then mark the shape with chalk when you try it on and THEN cut the shape. It's so frustrating when thigns like this happen.
    On the upside, it;s a fabulous colour ins;t it! And looks awesome on you!!

    1. Oh thanks MrsC. I'll definitely try the cutting across the armscye. That sounds like a great idea and so simple!

  2. It's a beautiful color and a nice fit, but I understand your issue.

  3. Yes, me too. It is a lovely dress, the colour is glorious and a perfect length.

    1. I'm liking this length too. I've actually worn it more and like the dress more now.

  4. I actually really like this dress on you. It’s a nice shape and I like the way the skirt flares and drapes. The armhole is a bit low but if you never lift your arms up you’ll be fine ;-)