Saturday, 27 April 2013

Simplicity 2444

Since there is a slight lack of sewing around these parts (for reasons why, see my previous post here...), I thought I would post about a dress I made the summer before I started this lowly blog, ie about 2010.

The pattern is one of the Simplicity Project Runway patterns 2444.

I directly copied the blue and white dress in the top right. At the time, I still wasn't really aware of the fact I have a longer waist than most patterns state. I also didn't check the length of the skirt before cutting out. I'm sure the overall length would have been perfect if I'd lengthened the waist my usual inch.

The fabric was a Tanya Whelan fabric which came from John Lewis. I think the pattern is called Dolce. It's also the same pattern, just a different colour way to Simplicity 2588, which I made in August 2011.

I don't honestly remember having any issues with the pattern at all. There are darts back and front for the bodice. The two in the front give it a lovely shape. The skirt is pleated on. The collar is gathered in the front in the middle and this has a band stitched around it. I can't believe I didn't have problems with the thickness of material at this point, but I don't remember it. The dress also has pockets... :-) The zip is a normal centred zip up the back of the dress.

I would normally have hemmed the dress by hand, since I'm not really a fan of stitched hems, but the skirt was so short, it seemed easier at the time to do a small machine stitched hem.

The dress was worn for the first time when we took Mum to Paris for a big milestone birthday in 2010...

Me and my Mum, Paris, June 2010

I also wore this dress to the Wellington Sewing Bloggers meet-up in February. The lovely Melissa took these photos at the Wellington Museum of City and Sea where we took over the Museum cafe and tried on the crowns and generally had a good time.

 Trying on the crown...
 Trying to look regal
I give up, I'll just curtsey instead :-)

Details for this shoot...
Fabric:  Tanya Whelan cotton from John Lewis in 2010, probably about 12GBP a metre at the time.
Trim:  Just a white zip for the back of the dress, apart from thread of course :-)
Pattern:  Simplicity 2444
First worn:  Summer 2010 in Paris
Worn with on this shoot:  Lime green belt from Glassons, bright pink mule sandals from Mischief (yes they are the same as the blue ones worn in this post...) These pink ones were even more of a bargain and I couldn't resist. Have you shoe envy?

If you're wondering what they're being modelled on, it's my circle skirt - good match, eh?

Saturday, 20 April 2013


Well, I'm a bit late joining the bloglovin' party... Normal service will resume shortly!

Anyways, since the demise of Google Reader, I have currently decided to use Feedly for my blog reading, but I realise there's lots of you out there using bloglovin', in which case, I hereby claim my blog...

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

With any luck this will work :-)