Saturday, 18 August 2012

Vogue 8020

Believe it or not, I've never made up a Vogue pattern! Where have I been - well using Simplicity and McCalls mainly.

This pattern is described as a Very Easy Vogue. Great! I've only got three weeks to finish this! Well say two weeks really, since the world and his wife descends upon us in two weeks' time!

This dress is going to be my wedding party dress. We've a small wedding on the day, so decided to have a party at ours the day after. Instead of wearing my wedding dress again, I decided I'd make a party dress. I've got some lovely silk tafetta with polka dots embroidered on it, which I got from Global Fabrics.

Isn't this the most gorgeous colour?

Since the fabric was a tad costly, it's a special occasion, plus the fact I've not made up a Vogue pattern before, I thought I'd make up a muslin... Shock horror, yes, you read that right. My regular readers will probably already have collapsed in amazement! I never make a muslin! I'm very much a measure, measure and cut the real thing hoping for the best, trying on as I go along!

When I compared my measurements with those on the pattern envelope, I should have made up a size 22!! What?? The pattern only goes up to a 16! So I checked out the ease, measured the pattern pieces and thought, I can do this. I cut a 16 and put it together with half inch seam allowances to check the fit.

Check this out! How much space is there? Methinks I'll be using the normal seam allowance, if not cutting out a 14! There is loads of ease in this muslin!

No head shots today, a serious bad hair day!

Now I'm completely aware of the fact that a muslin should really be made up in similar fabric to the real thing, but... to be perfectly honest, I don't have any silk tafetta in my stash which can be used for a muslin - sorry guys, I'm just not that kinda girl :-) What did I use instead - yep, it's an old sheet! They are both woven fabrics and so...

Oh the reason the muslin looks strange is that I stitched the shoulder seams before turning the facing to the wrong side - doh! Well it is just a muslin which is check fitting!

Anyway, next job to cut out the real thing. I think I might lengthen the bodice a wee bit. I've also bought some lining material to line the skirt. I shall be busy over the next few weeks! I'm not a sewer who has hours each day to sit and stitch. Most of the time, it's an hour a day as and when I get the chance. So fingers crossed I will get it finished!