Thursday, 24 November 2011

The great November Goldhawk Road meet-up

Last Saturday seven intrepid sewing bloggers met up at Goldhawk Road tube station to discuss fabrics, patterns, books and generally get frustrated with so much lovely fabric and not enough cash to buy it with!

Organised by Stevie, I finally got to meet her, Dibs, Santie, Alana, Steph and Claire (who came as adviser to all, making sure we spent our cash wisely, encouraging us on our purchases!)

Strangely, I didn't take a group photo, apart from this one...

Cocktail anyone??

We started along one side, Santie being so organised as to bring a shopping list! After a couple of shops, bump Dibs was asking for food, so out came the chocolate to tie Mum and bump over until lunch. Lots of lovely fabrics, so many ideas and thoughts, but what to buy. I went with only a little cash and a determination no to buy much.

Lunch in Vesbar, cocktails and lots of chips! So far so good, I've still not bought anything, although I've seen plenty!

Mm, lunch over and back along the other side and perhaps the cocktail wasn't the best idea... In the first shop we go and downstairs while Dibs buys some gorgeous jersey, I see some lovely fluorescent orange vest fabric, oops, plaid/tartan. There's only one a half metres, but I have to have it (no of course I don't mind paying the cost for a metre!) Not sure what I'll get from it yet, what do you think?

After drooling over silk galore we head on down towards the tube again. I thought I'd made my singular purchase, but no, while browsing materials with Claire in one shop, while she hunted for something specific, I spied this...

I don't think the photo has come out very well, but it's a lovely soft denim, a grey colour with the applique already applied. It's slightly stretchy too. I'm itching to get it cut out and made up, but it must wait for now, I've enough to be getting on with! I've got two metres, originally planning to make a skirt with a basque, but I'm wondering if I might be able to get a half circle???

So finally, we reach the dizzy heights of Shepherd's Bush market. No I won't buy anything here, although I was sorely tempted by the green polycotton at a bargain price which the others bought. No I'll be good... That is, until we find the stall with loads of haberdashery... The big buttons were brilliant (did you get any Claire?), then I got carried away... After seeing Karen's post about the snood, I felt I had to start knitting again. It possibly didn't help with Dibs wearing her snood... I saw this wool and had to have it, convincing Dibs to buy her own, I only wish I'd got the green too. Oh well, I'll have a lovely pink snood once I've bought some needles (yep, I've decided that I need needles to actually knit something!)

What a day, my poor purse felt decidedly depleted (OK, not really, since I think my lunch cost as much as the fabric!)

I'm so glad I went along, I managed to meet some of the UK bloggers before escaping the country for pastures green. I met a blogger from the country I'm heading to as well! Saying goodbye was sad, but reminded me of a nursery rhyme, as to me it felt like we were losing a person one by one on the tube until I got to King's Cross!

To finish, I felt I had to investigate the lego tree at St Pancras, mainly to check they'd built it properly and also to go back to where we'd sung the Beethoven at the beginning of the month.

Yep, OK, I reckon it'll pass!

So thanks Stevie for organising the meet up last Saturday. I'll get my fabrics made up once I've unpacked the sewing machine!! :-)

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