Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Prima Patterns

I’ve intended to write a post about these patterns for some time and never got around to it. Finally with a bit of prompting from Claire from Sew incidentally.. here it is.

I seem to have amassed quite a few Prima patterns over the years. When I began to get these I didn’t subscribe and used to phone up for the patterns, in the end I decided it was easier (and cheaper) to subscribe. I can still buy the magazine here in New Zealand, but it tends to be a couple of months behind, by which time it’s too late to order the pattern.

[In the interests of those who want to know about the phone numbers and if they repeat, I can go on the numbers from about mid-2008, before this, they were completely different. From what I can see they use about three different phone numbers only, which started with 0906 757 6471 in May 2008. And so, each May, August, November and February the number to call is the above number ending in a 1, the months in between will end in a 2 and then a 3 (trying not to give too much away... :-) ) ]

I have generally found the patterns easy to make with clear instructions. Their sizing also suits my shape and I find I don’t have to make any changes. They also include seam allowances in their patterns... Sometimes they are printed double-sided, which can be frustrating, but I've actually found the paper they print them on quite nice for pattern pieces.

Here is my collection, including the descriptions which the magazine used, I’ve put photos of them all on my Pinterest site, instead of clogging up the whole blogasphere, and have posted only a few here (no preference to whether I still like them or not!) Apologies for the shiny bits, it’s that magazine glossy paper which is a pain to photograph and my scanner isn’t quite set up! Next in line will be posts about those patterns I’ve actually made up!
  • January 2005: Party tops to make
  • April 2005: Tiered skirts
  • August: 2005: Perfect wrap dress
  • September 2005: Flattering separates
  • March 2006: For that special day
  • May 2006: Quick and easy skirts
  • August 2006: Sew a classic summer dress
  • September 2006: Two easy pieces
  • December 2006: Show off your curves
  • March 2007: Glam party dresses to make
  • May 2007: Dress to impress
  • June 2007: Flirty skirts for summer
  • October 2007: Quick-and-easy swing coats
  • November 2007: Easy dress or tunic to make
  • December 2007: Your little black dress
  • March 2008: Occasion dresses you’ll love
  • April 2008: Three easy tops
  • July 2008: Simple summer dresses
  • September 2008: 2 easy pieces
  • March 2009: Beautiful bridalwear on a budget
  • April 2009: Flattering wrap dress
  • June 2009: Dress for the occasion
  • September 2009: New-look skirts
  • October 2009: 2 stunning looks
  • March 2010: Dream dresses
  • May 2010: New looks for spring
  • June 2010: Simple summer tops
  • July 2010: A classic summer dress
  • October 2010: Autumn dress or tunic
  • November 2010: Make one in an evening
  • January 2011: Dress to impress
  • January 2012: Cowl neck tops
January 2012

 November 2010 and October 2007

 March 2010

July 2008 and December 2007

October 2010 and May 2010

 January 2011 and September 2009


  1. Ooh, I've never heard of Prima Patterns but I like the look! Keen to see some of your makes - might encourage me to finally subscribe for a pattern magazine. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I've always found them good patterns, with clear and easy instructions. Prima is a UK woman's magazine which covers all sorts. They have fashion, homes, cooking, you know the sort of thing. Not gossip though! I've found it in Whitcolls here in NZ, but a couple of months behind the times. Makes to follow...

  2. Hey Nikki! Thanks for your post hun :) You've quite a collection of Prima patterns going on there - I think the wrap dress (right hand pic here) would look great on you :)

    1. Thanks Claire. Funny you mention the wrap dress... Methinks that'll be my next post! :-)

  3. How interesting, I have never heard of these patterns. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Nikki, I have been a fan of Prima patterns since their first issue and have made many of the patterns up into wonderful clothes. I have had a bit of a clearing out and kept only the ones that I want to keep making or want to make for grandchildren. One of my favourite patterns is the bias skirt from the April 2005 issue but sadly, somewhere in the sorting, two of the pattern pieces got lost and I think maybe thrown away. I was wondering if you have any idea how I might get another copy of this? I live in the UK and have tried various methods of contacting Prima but without success. Many thanks.

    1. Hi,
      I'm also a Prima pattern addict and have most of them filed away.If you let me know which pattern pieces you're missing I'll have a look to see if l have them.
      Best regards

    2. Hi,
      If you let me know which pattern pieces you're missing, I'll check my stash of prima patterns!
      Best regards