Thursday, 7 February 2013

Swapping my stash

One of my local bloggers Kat and Anne have organised this Swap your Stash party, and although l I don't have loads to get rid of, and going through some of my fabric I don't have the heart to swap it for now, maybe next year... :-)

So currently I have three lots of fabric and four patterns, although I may be able to add more patterns. I'm happy to send these internationally and there may also be some local kiwiana included for the lucky winners!

First up, some kind of polyester crepe in navy blue. It's quite a bit darker than the photo shows. It's heavy fabric, but I've not pre-washed it or tested it, so I'm not completely certain what it is. There's 2m 20 of 140cm wide.


Next up some fabric which I think must be thermal backed cotton, possibly curtain fabric? For some reason it's been edged along each side. There's just about 2m by 120cm wide. It's a lovely colour and really cheerful print.

Some more of the same as the thermal backed fabric with finished edges. It's also 2m x 120cm. This is sea shells in blue and a really gorgeous blue too!

The patterns...

Style 2337 in size 8-18. I think this was made up for me years ago and so some pieces have been cut, etc. But it's a great pattern and just look at that swing on the black view! :-)

Butterick 4988 sizes 14-20. It looks like all pieces are there and has been cut in a size 20, so there will be some cut pieces.

A pattern from the UK Prima magazine. This pattern is from 2005! It's a cami top and jacket pattern. These are generally in sizes 10-20. It's not been cut, so should all be there.

Finally another Prima pattern from 2008. This is a strapless long or short dress with a shrug, again in sizes 10-20 and not cut.

So comment below if you'd like anything and I'm happy to swap.

If you want to join in with the swap, the rules and guidelines are here


  1. hi Nikki, Amanda here from Palmy!Finally found your blog again.:o) I like the Butterick 4988 pattern, but not sure i have anything to swap. let's talk! email me at work... at massey... ciao xx

    1. From Palmy, you say? Please tell me I have a sewing sister in this town...!

    2. Hi Juliet, yes you do! interested in meeting up?

      what's your favourite fabric shop in Palmy? i'm a regular at Arthur Toyes, although occasionally i pop into Morelands.

  2. Hiya, I've added you to the swap participants list (

    I've added you to the Pinterest board as well, in case you want to add your swap items there. :-)