Thursday, 6 February 2014

My 2013

ARGH - silly blogger, this was meant to publish over two weeks ago... The scheduler didn't work.

2013, well it was to be the year of stashbusting... that didn't happen. I got well and truly sucked in by the pretties on sale in my local fabric shops and the enabling from my lovely WSBN friends.

I did hope to make trousers for the first time, well I did make trousers, but they weren't for me, they were for Mr N, some loud trousers for him to play golf in..

Looking at my makes, I did actually learn a number of new skills.

Flat fell seams - Mr N's shirt was completely finished with flat fell seams

Hong Kong seaming - my self-drafted pencil skirt was finished with these

Sewing with knits - I finished the Cake Tiramisu and I've also made my first Renfrew (not blogged about) Yay! Feeling happier about knit fabrics now.

Fly front zip - although I don't have photos, I've learned how to stitch a fly front when I made Mr N's trousers.

Hand-picked zip - I learned how to hand pick a zip and have actually used this method twice now, the first was on my Lily Anna

Phew! I'm quite impressed with myself! I think that's all

Vital statistics of makes:
Tops, including blouses -- 4
Dresses -- 4
Skirts -- 3
Skort (not blogged about yet) -- 1
Trousers (mens) -- 1

In addition, I knitted a beret and have also made the curtains for our lounge/diner. Life itself has been pretty hectic, we've moved house and I also broke my ankle giving me an enforced sewing absence of a few weeks.

Our Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network has grown from strength to strength, we now have 26 members and it's great to have a group of local sewers I can ask for help, meet up with, compare patterns and go fabric shopping with :-)

I really am not going to think about how much fabric went in and went out of the stash. All I know is, the numbers go the wrong way!

What I have done at last, is create an extra page of makes at the top of blog. This page is still very much under construction, so please excuse the spacing, size of photos, etc. At the moment, the page starts with makes made within the life of this blog, but I'm intending to add older makes which I still have too.

I'll finish with what I consider my fave makes from 2013...

Here's to 2014!


  1. Oh, I hope your ankle recovers soon! apart from that it's been a good year and you have done so much unselfish sewing for your husband, I think you deserve a medal! and of course with the pretty dresses you made for yourself :)

    1. Oh, my ankle is better, that was the beginning of March, so definitely on the mend now. It was definitely frustrating at the time. I seem to make far too many dresses, but I love to wear them, so... Thanks for the lovely comments.

  2. I can't believe I forgot about when you broke your ankle! I so love you lilly Anna - I STILL Need to make up an Anna.

    1. It is the best pattern. I've another since which I need to photograph! He he, yep, the ankle was quite a big thing for me, but it's about 99% back to normal now. So all good.

  3. wow - you've learned heaps. Mr N's shirt looks so professional :) What a great sewing year you had. all the best for 2014

    1. thanks Kura. Another shirt is in the planning, so hopefully this will be even better. I really hadn't realised how much I'd learned either!

  4. I forgot all about your ankle, was it really only last year?! Love your "makes" page, I love looking at someone's work all together like that and it's fun to see it evolve.

    1. Yep, it really was a year! It sometimes feels like yesterday and other times absolutely ages. I've found the "makes" page really helpful for me to see how far I've come in the last year too.

  5. Given the ankle and the house move and the other craziness, that's an impressive haul of makes, more than one a month! And a great collection of new skills. And your makes are beautiful too. Well done and here's to 2014!

    1. Thanks, I've already made loads this year, so much more than before. I must be getting faster or more confident with my sewing. I actually think I've left some things off the "makes" page too! I think they're listed above, but not photographed or blogged about.