Sunday, 23 March 2014

Loud golf - Mark II

The first pair of loud golf trousers were loved so much at a second pair was soon commissioned!

These were actually made in time for The Monthly Stitch Smarty Pants month of February, but I've been a bit delayed a) photographing them and b) writing up the post.

There isn't really that much to say about these. I used the same pattern as before, Vogue 8719


I did however make a change to the "front" pockets. The Vogue pattern has these as in seam pockets. These weren't that successful as golf trousers. A man needs to put golf balls, tees, pitchmark repairers, ball markers, not to mention a handkerchief in his pockets when he's playing golf, consequently the pockets needed a rethink.

Even though I can't get my own trouser muslin to fit...

Oh my god, does my bum really look like that?

... the front slash pockets on the Thurlow pattern are really good. And so I used the same idea for Mr N's second pair.

I cut a triangle from the top side seam of the front pieces

And used this as a template for the remainder of the pocket. The pattern pockets start at waist level, so I made pouch larger and cut this twice, one without the triangle template, and one with.

So the slash pockets were born. These are a complete success. I am really pleased how these have worked. I also made the back pockets slightly deeper with no flap over the top. They needed to be deeper, Mr N's wallet kept falling out... :-)

The topstitching was all done with a green thread, the same colour as the green in the pattern, however, this isn't visible with so much loud pattern!

The details...

Fabric: Stretch cotton sateen from Spotlight, October 2013 (can't remember the cost)
Notions:   Thread, a standard dress zip, one button and interfacing for the waistband (yes I actually used a button and buttonhole on the waistband!)
Pattern:  Vogue 8719
First worn:  For the Holland Cup trials at Karori Golf Club February 2014
Changes made:   Altered the inseam side pockets to be slash pockets and also enlarged the back pockets.
Another one?  Mm, I have a feeling this customer will never be satisfied! More, more! I would like to make some more in sturdier fabric, more as everyday trousers. The slash pockets were a complete success, as were the larger back pockets.

Not many photos on this one and Mr N doesn't look that happy in this photo! I promise you he is happy. I think he was itching to get to the club and having photos taken was delaying him! :-)


  1. Stolen pockets, nice. Men are just so much easier to fit - and how dare you delay his golfing by wanting pesky blog photos ;)

  2. So much wow in this. He's one lucky fellow! And not just because you sew for him :)

  3. oh dear, custom-made pants for golfing, mustn't let my husband see this ;p

  4. Hehe, this is totally awesome! I absolutely love the fabric you chose!!

  5. hey doll, I've just nominated you for the Leibster Blog Award!