Saturday, 5 July 2014

Colette Jasmine

Now that the frantic sewing and posting of TMS Indie Pattern Month has finished, I can post about other makes finished before June which I didn't have the chance to post...

And so first up...

...Colette Patterns Jasmine.

I bought this pattern way back when I was still in the UK, that's over two and a half years ago - coo, have I really been in NZ that long? It doesn't feel like it. Anyway, I digress.

I have to say there isn't really much to say about the pattern. It's really easy to put together, but it does use a fair amount of fabric, since it's all cut on the bias. There are no fastenings and obviously if it wasn't cut on the bias you wouldn't get it on! Doh, I'm prattling away as I don't know what to say! So there is both a centre front and centre back seam in addition to the side seams.

It all went together pretty quickly, even with this slippy poly crepe type fabric, if there are lots of pins, it's not a problem.

There are not many options with this pattern, basically a collar in contrasting fabric or not, or slightly longer neck ties so they can be tied into a bow and two sleeve versions. It's pretty obvious I made it out of all the same fabric, but I did cut the longer ties. They're still not long enough for me, these look silly tied up as far as I'm concerned, so they will remain lose (and probably get caught in my soup or something!)

One thing I don't like about the collar is that there's a facing. Why, oh why did I bother? What is the need for a facing when there's a collar? In my case, it just didn't help it lie flatter, I've ended up with a collar which kinda a kinks in places. I think it would be better to do away with the facing and change how the collar is attached to enclose raw edges.

I decided to make the puffed sleeves with a cuff and to be honest, I think they are possibly a bit long, but I'm hoping they won't be a problem. The cuffs completely enclose all seams, as they are attached whole and then I hand sewed them on the inside. I do think this blouse would like kinda cute with short lose sleeves or even sleeveless. However, if you do consider this, check out the armscye, it's pretty big, even on me and I'm no fairy!

The details
Fabric:  A white patterned poly crepe from the Fabric Warehouse remnants bin sometime in February. I originally saw the fabric in their pop-up shop, but decided not to buy it. It was only $5 from the remnants bin - bargain!
Notions:   Thread and interfacing for the collar and facings.
Pattern:  Colette Patterns Jasmine blouse version 1 with longer ties and puffed sleeves.
First worn:  For these photos back in May at the recently refurbished National War Memorial here in Wellington. The skirt is a RTW skirt which is years old. It was an amazing day, the weather was something special, particularly since it was the middle of May and we were heading to winter. "You can't beat Wellington on a good day!"

These photos were taken by Kat, who has also used this fabric in the other colourway for her Simone dress.
Changes made:  None at all. I think I cut a size 12, can't remember now, it was two months ago and I've been to sleep since then! I think actually in hindsight, it is a wee bit big for me and there is little shaping, bar two bust darts.
Recommend?  I certainly recommend the pattern, it's an easy quick make. The instructions were easy to follow. I've worn this a number of times and had a lot of compliments. I would recommend leaving the facing off and just adding the collar if you're brave enough. I don't think the facing adds to it at all.

Oh, you're wanting outtakes aren't you? I know...

Well if the lion can roar at me...


  1. It's very pretty! Nikki, in a situation like this the best alternative I feel is to face it but not interface the facing, so it stays soft! :)

  2. Agreed about facings + collars; also, many times I won't interface a facing, to keep it soft.
    Lovely make, Nikki! Am so envious of your having such good fabric over there! You know what a fabric desert it can be over here!
    xx del

  3. Every time I see a Colette Jasmin I love it. How would you have attached the collar instead, to get around the facing? I'm curious!

    Wellington on a good day IS gorgeous, isn't it? That's how I first saw the city, on a day like it looks in your photos.

  4. Sorry we held your sewing machine and pattern collection ransom for a whole month ;) Hehe, this top is lovely on you, wish I'd snapped up that fabric myself xx

  5. gorgeous! everything is so flattering on you! but bias patterns scare me. so many opportunities for the fabric to go wibbly wobbly.