Sunday, 9 November 2014

Papercut circles - I'm in love

This was the first Papercut Pattern I've made and I have to say I'm besotted with this one.

Papercut Patterns are designed and made here in NZ and I can't really believe it's taken me this long to make one up. There will be more Papercut in the future, I promise! Papercut love has made it to this blog!

If you haven't already guessed, this is their circle top and I made up two in pretty quick succession...

It's so clever how Katie has drafted this, but conversely the pattern is so simple, a big circle cut on the fold with two holes for sleeves, two sleeves, two cuffs and strips for the binding around the edge. That is it.

Attaching the sleeves is not a problem. I think the hardest part is actually trying to get the binding around the edge tidy, but fortunately with the knit fabrics it's not obvious that I've not made the best job!

That's about all I really have to say. The first one I made from this purple and black merino which I got from the Fabric Warehouse pop-up store. I made this true to the pattern. I find the cuffs a bit deep for me, but it's still a fab top to wear. I love the way the stripes work!

I think it was only about a week later and I happened to be in the Fabric Warehouse - again - oops! I found this mustard/lime green wool. This fabric is so thick and warm. It's lovely. This one, I made the cuffs not so deep and I'm much happier with them that way. This second one went together in an afternoon, all except finishing the binding.

I was invited down to sew it at Kat's and she let me use her overlocker! At the time, I'd never used one and it was such an eye-opener. I loved it. It was so quick and easy for the knit fabric and this pattern. All I needed to do here at home was finish off the binding! Easy, peasy!! But a warning, that binding takes a long time! I think nearly as long to attach that as it does to make the rest of the top!

The details...
  1. Purple and black striped merino from Fabric Warehouse pop-up shop (November 2013)
  2. Lime green merino wool from Fabric Warehouse, September 2014, this didn't make it to stash!
Notions:   Thread
Pattern:  Papercut Circle top

Changes made:  I made a change to the second circle top to make the cuff shorter. This was just personal preference on my part. On the first one, I top stitched the cuffs down using my double needle to give a tidier finish.

Worn with:
  1. Purple and black striped merino circle top, cream Renfrew, RTW skirt from M&S (UK), black tights, Everybody pumps (photos taken by Kat sometime in August on Mt Vic)
  2. Lime green wool circle top, pink and green shirt (not blogged about but made last February with my culottes), purple Gabriola, green shoes from Overland

Another one?  Well I've got two of these now, but they are such an easy make, so I'm tempted. I'll see where the mood takes me! I've got a white knit downstairs which I reckon will be perfect for a summery evening one...
Recommend:  Oh yes, if you want an easy top to make which can be worn anywhere this is your answer. They are so easy to make and wear. I'm also so happy with how much in my wardrobe these both go with - who says black goes with everything?

And I can do this with these tops too :-)



  1. Oh yay you made the Circle Top. It is such an interesting top to play with. I like the deep band but I made mine tighter than the pattern because I don't like the 'floppy' cuffs. I really like the purple strip one - first time I've seen it made up in a stripe - I like it lots :-)

    1. It is a great top to make up. I didn't find the cuffs too lose, but I certainly prefer them shorter.
      The stripe works so well, I love them both!