Monday, 27 June 2011

My recent purchases!

I've run out of fabric to sew!

The blue and white dress worked out so well that I decided to make another from that pattern and order some more fabric from Online Fabrics.

I've bought a white poly cotton with red polka dots. I like fun fabrics and will make option B from the New Look pattern with a halterneck tie, it's the blue one in the middle on the right on the envelope.

Although the weather has been amazing today, it's really been too hot to go out in for a long time, so after a couple of hours out this morning, I've spent the afternoon cutting out the fabric.

I do most of my cutting out here on the lounge floor, it's the largest space I can use. I need to make sure I've got my garden kneeler though, otherwise I get very sort knees! [The black blob on the sofa is the cat. He's very good, sleeps most of the time and knows that he shouldn't tread on anything I'm cutting out!]

So I've got some sewing to do now. Not to mention the other fabrics I got half price in the John Lewis sale. They are Tanya Whelan cottons. I bought some last year, which made a very successful dress (not blogged so far). So I need ideas what to make with the following...

I'm tempted to make Simplicity 2588 I think this would like really nice made up with a full skirt, fitted bodice and the cap sleeves of the green dress on this pattern. I have considered 2591 which I've seen on one of my favourite blogs Did you make that?, but I think I'll get more use out of 2588!

As for this... I'm not really sure. I wated the green with white, but it was sold out and I couldn't let a half price bargain go, so I've got 3 metres to make whatever I like! :-) Any ideas? I'm tempted to make a top and skirt, there's plenty of fabric there - famous last words!!

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