Friday, 1 July 2011

My unfinished object (UFO)

I don't tend to be someone that leaves things hanging around, I like to get them finished, but this has been defeating me for years and I mean years!

Way back in the mists of time, my gran used to do loads and loads of patchwork and what I call clever patchwork, cathedral window, etc. Grandad used to make proper aluminium shapes for her. For some reason hexagons caught my eye and he made me a hexagon so I could do some patchwork. This hexagon, must now be at least 30 years old and it's still doing well.

About twenty years ago, I managed to make a cushion from some of the hexagons I made. Each piece of fabric has a tale to tell and I know exactly where it came from and what it was used for. Some of the fabrics are now getting a bit faded, but I'm not parting with it. All the hexagons were sewn together by hand, but the rest I finished off using the machine.

Having finished this, I still had scraps of fabric, and some hexagons left over. The plan was to make a quilt with the others. I bought loads of fat squares from craft shops to augment the material stash (at the time I didn't have lots of material left over from sewing like I do now!) I think I lost count of how many I made and kept filling up a bag full! Time to sort them out. I don't think I actually looked at them for about ten years! They're now all sorted into the same pattern and stored in separate bags.

As you can see there is quite a mix. Some are from fat squares, so I have lots of hexagons, others not so many. I've spent about two hours this afternoon trying to think of ways to lay them out. My first idea is to group them with three patterns in each, one of the centre and two patterns to go around the edge.

I did a test layout on the bed - it seemed the best place to lay them out. I'm not completely convinced.

There are some empty gaps, but I think I could actually do with some more plain hexagons to make a Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern. I MUST finish it at some point, but my sticking point has been trying to decide how I will lay them out. There's such a mass of colour too. I know I shall have to sew them all by hand, so I think it'll be a few years hence before you see a finished quilt on here!

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