Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Summer top

I'm really pleased with myself on this one, I managed to cut out and make this top in one day (which for me is generally unheard of)! I even found time to make a few alterations to the pattern in the meantime!

The pattern I got from a magazine I read, Prima, they print a pattern once a month and I've got some really nice patterns which have made some lovely projects.

I used the pink fabric bought in the John Lewis sale the other week to make the sleeveless top.

I generally end up being a 16 with their sizing, plus it's a pull over top and I thought it would need some space to get into. Cutting out was very easy and quick, the layout in the pattern worked really well and was really clear.

I pinned the pieces together to begin with to check for the fit. It seemed to fit OK, so I decided to stick with that size.

The yoke section at the top is attached first, this is about the most difficult part of the pattern, as the outside of the yoke is attached to the curve of the neck of the main top pieces. It was particularly more difficult gathering up the middle of the front piece.

The finished neck worked well with the gathers...

Once I'd finished the top, I tried it on again... What a shock, it made me look about 6 months pregnant!! Thinking about the shape it probably would have done, but I didn't really expect it that big.

I ended up adding darts to the front and back. I did these properly, measuing and making sure they matched exactly. I think this must have taken the longest!

However, I now have a top ready in time for another holiday!! I'm really pleased with how it's turned out and should look good with trousers. Here's the finished item, I'll try to get some proper photos later.

If I make this again, I may make a smaller size and slightly longer. I think I'd still put in the darts, as certainly for me I need a more shaped top, but I'd definitely make it again, as it's so easy to make and uses little fabric. I still have some left to make a skirt!!

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