Monday, 29 October 2012

Stash busting my way :-)

At the beginning of the month I had about two weeks off work with laryngitis. I think my Mr N really enjoyed it, since within a month, his new wife had lost her voice! It's not been my idea of fun in some ways since my other escapism (apart from sewing) is singing and I still need to abstain and it's so hard not to sing!

Anyway, I have days off work and what happens? My mind goes to sewing and what I can make. I intended to stash bust and cut out three things, the dress of which is finished. I've still got a skirt and blouse to finish. I bought some more patterns in the hopes I could use them to use up the stash. Look at these... two new Colette patterns (new for me)

The Beignet is sorted, but I've no fabric for the Anise! :-)


My first Sewaholic patterns. I was so impressed with the speed. They were here from Canada within the week! Not bad I reckon.

I also managed to download some patterns from t'Interweb, a couple of Burda Style patterns, the Eva dress from Your Style Rocks - this dress is so elegant and looks amazing, I can't wait to get my hands on this pattern!


And also Victory Patterns Nicola Dress


I did get carried away! I can't wait to get started on these...

Trouble is, I then met up with Juliet. The Crazy Gypsy came down to Wellington and we went fabric shopping... We went to Global Fabrics and all my good intentions of using up my stash disappeared. Well wouldn't they with such lovely goodies and masses of lovely fabrics in front of you?

I reckon I did pretty well though. I got four lots of fabric for about $100. OK, not a complete bargain, but still... First some lining for my Beignet (you'll have to wait for that!)

This lovely cotton (not quite eyelet!) I think this will become an Alma blouse.

This blue and pale cream cotton, which I think will possibly become the Cambie dress. It's quite a heavy fabric which hangs beautifully. Global Fabrics had this in a couple of different colour ways, I decided the dark blue was better for me.


Finally this lovely white jersey. It'll need a top under it due to the sheerness of the fabric, but I just couldn't resist it, plus it was on special!! I'm still not good at sewing knit fabrics, so I'm hoping and praying I can make this up successfully! Isn't it lovely?

So I've admitted! I'm off work sick and spend my hard earned cash on patterns and fabric - oops! My stash busting project kinda didn't happen! Do you do the same? I think it must be that I have more time to think about the sewing when I'm off like that and end up buying all sorts! Methinks I ought to learn to control myself! Oh well!


  1. Oh yes I do the same thing! On my days off, I have a whole list of things to do. I'm usually very proud of myself for making the list but it somehow goes "poof" and my mind wanders. Hope you feel better!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that does this!

  2. Oh you have such lovely fabrics and plans! I think for this part of the world, those prices are great. And the fabrics are beautifully summery!

    1. Fingers crossed I get the summer to wear them! :-)