Saturday, 13 October 2012

Well I am chuffed!

Shock, horror and blushing she says "Thank you".

The absolutely amazing Carolyn has given me a new blog award, which says thank you to those who give support and encouragement through comments. I reckon all of us love receiving comments, don't you?

Strangely enough, I was intending to write something in my next post apologising for not commenting as much as I used to! Trying to fit in work, sewing, writing blog posts, singing, golf (yes, you did read that correctly!), being sociable with my new husband :-), oh and the odd few hours' sleep along with reading and commenting on the far too many blogs I follow (last count about 120 sewing/crafting blogs and 50 other work/general interest type blogs!) I'll admit to finding it hard to keep up! Most of my blog reading now takes place using my mobile on the bus to and from work, it's not easy to comment using my phone (which is on it's way out!) So to cut a very long story short, sorry to those who haven't received so many comments recently, I'm still here, and will endeavour to try harder!

So after the thank you and apology, here are the rules to this award.

There is no requirement to do anything like list stuff about yourself, just to pass it on to the last nine bloggers to comment on your blog...

Mm, there aren't nine comments to my last blog, and not all have a blog (although they still get a mention), I still have a very select few who comment and I don't post loads (mine's a boutique blog!), so I'm going to be a bit cheeky and interpret it my way... The award goes to the last nine who've commented on my past few posts (not counting Carolyn who passed it to me) :-)

The award goes to:

Nothy Lane
Summer Flies
Calico Stretch
Kaitui Kiwi

Thanks all, even those not in this list, your comments are really appreciated and help keep that sewing mojo alive and well. Thanks muchly and you're all stars!


  1. What a cool award! And thank you very much as well :)

    1. No worries! I reckon you're one of my top commenters! (If that's a word?)

  2. Aww! Thanks heaps Nikki xx comments are one of the best parts of blogging. Just recently I've tried to step up my commenting because I know how much I enjoy getting comments too and I've really enjoyed building more dialog with other bloggers :)

    1. You're welcome! I'm also trying to comment more, but it's hard sometimes, hence my apology...