Sunday, 25 November 2012

Welly bloggers finally meet-up!

Warning - picture heavy post!

One fine day in the middle of spring, seven intrepid sewing bloggers (and a baby!) from Wellington (OK, one from Palmy really) finally met to drink tea, eat cake, talk about sewing, look at patterns, ooh and ah over furry fabric and swap ideas, stashes, etc!

Yesterday we met up in Martha's Pantry, a tea room in Wellington. This tea room on Cuba Street is the quintessential English tea room, with fine bone china and high teas. We opted for sparkly cakes and milkshakes instead!

Sparkly cake!

Lots of hundreds and thousands!!

Joy making sure she gets the most out of her shake!

After trying on the hats in the tea room...

we moved on down Cuba Street with the intention of going to Minerva Books. However, we walked past Unearthed on the way, after laughing at the tartan Thermos flasks (remember those from childhood picnics?) Juliet suddenly unearthed (geddit?) a box full of vintage patterns! That was it!

Forgotten was the book shop while we ooh and ahhed and had a good look through the patterns. I believe most of us came away with goodies!

So finally we dragged ourselves away and went on to Minerva books. We had the chance to check out the Drape, drape books and the Pattern Magic books which were in store, but at a price. We left there empty handed!

Next on to Global Fabrics... The linen sale didn't tempt us, nothing really convinced us to buy anything, not even the bright pinks...

Nor the fur...

We left there empty handed too! Perhaps it was the thought of the fabric swap ahead. So final stop for these intrepid sewers was the famous MrsC's shop, Made on Marion where to took over the big table space at the back of the store to swap fabrics, patterns, etc.

MrsC was sewing the ribbons for Tuesday's grand opening of the newly refurbished National Library of New Zealand. This happens to be where I work, so I was definitely interested in that!

I can't wait to see them Tuesday morning at 6am!

And so on to the swap! There was a LOT of patterns there. Juliet had a whole load she'd got from the local op shop, so we were ages cogitating and ruminating over patterns. Whether to actually take that 80's pattern with the massive collar or the party frock straight out of Working Girl!

Joy deciding whether the pink really is her or not!

Anyway, there are loads left so look out for something very special coming next week...

So the intrepid band, minus one, who had left by now, but is in the earlier pics.

Erm, Me, Nikki
Kat (with baby Drake) - Modern vintage cupcakes

Missing from this pic is Mel - the Curious Kiwi

So no doubt you'll be wanting to know what I came away with...

From Unearthed, I got the following...

 Two lovely vintage patterns which will need grading up, but...

 This great fabric! It's shouting circle skirt at me, but I'll need red or navy with it as there's not enough there.

From the swap I got...

The dresses, not the jackets!

Pale blue lining and a dark blue with grey leaf pattern fine crepe which I'm hoping might make a Taffy blouse.

Phew! What a day or afternoon to be precise! I was shattered time I'd wended my weary way home back on the bus, but I can't wait for the next meet-up!

Oh and as for the outfits... We tried to go sixties for the Sew Weekly theme... You'll have to check out the other blogs for their outfits, and mine will follow soon!


  1. lol! I can't even look at the camera in our group photo. Fail! But it was an awesome time :) Next time I'll have to bring a camera too! Looking forward to it :)
    It was a lot of fun! Nice to meet you :)

    1. Those team pics were a nightmare. You'd have thought from four there'd be a good one with all looking at the camera! Looking forward to the next meet!

  2. I had the best day! I was so inspired on Sunday I sewed all day long.

    Now I'm going to have to steal that last photo and photoshop myself in ;) I wish I could have stayed a tiny bit longer and honestly I could have stayed all day long but I definitely needed a nap afterwards too!

    I can't wait until we unleash our little Wellington surprise on the rest of the world...

    1. It shall be out secret until next week! I'm useless at photoshop, so I'll let you play - promise! Here's to the next one! I'm dead impressed you sewed all Sunday long, even if it wasn't the rugby jersey :-)

  3. It was such fun! Can't wait til next time, although I am still pretty unimpressed by the lack of takers for my patterns hehehe

  4. Twas a truly awesome day. You can tell the sugar and patterns had gone to my head because OMG AM I HIGH? in that photo??!! I look like I should have an axe in one hand and not a pile of patterns. :)

    1. Tee hee, I have to admit, I've seen lots worse! :-)

  5. Oh and also, may I steal any of your wonderful pics for my blog post? :D

  6. So, so much fun! I'm looking forward to the next one. :-)