Sunday, 23 December 2012

Our wedding...

Warning: picture heavy post!

Finally I've got the photos back from our wedding (well about a month ago!) and even though I didn't make my wedding dress, I know you're all than a little interested in the photos!

As I've said, I didn't make my dress. That was designed and made by Alfred Angelo! :-) I originally intended to make it, but when going out trying on dresses to find a style which I liked, I fell in love with this dress and realised it would be more heartache to make one than buy it ready made. With the year we've had moving from the UK to NZ, it was possibly a very wise move!

My shrug, however, was homemade (but not by me!) One of the girls at work does a lot of sewing and has made wedding dresses, she offered to make my shrug for me! I found this beautiful fur fabric in Fabric Warehouse here in Wellington. The exact same colour as my dress. I think the pattern was from the Burda website, but I've forgotten! It's made out of three pieces, so it fits snugly. The fabric is lined and I found a frog closure for a fastening, these came from Spotlight. So the shrug...

 Can you see the side seam? Carol picked the fur to completely hide the seam.
 Like the fabric?
The closure

So the day itself... dawned typically spring-like here in Wellington, wet and windy! The weather forecast mentioned things like don't go out unless your journey is necessary - I'm sorry, but mine was! The make-up girl came from over the Rimutakas and an hour after she drove over, the road was closed! That shows you what kind of day it was - I didn't care! My bridesmaid was Mr N's daughter and his brother came from China to be best man.

All these following photos were taken by our photographer and friend Cameron McIntosh.

 Hair up with sparkly bits
 The dress and shrug
 All my jewellery was made by hand to order from a company I discovered on the Internet called Gorgeous Jewellery
 Sparkly burgundy sandals
The flowers were gerberas, dark red and cream. I love gerberas, they are such smiley flowers!
 The church is Old St Pauls here in Wellington
Mr N and I assessing the weather afterwards!
 We had photos in the church!
 My lovely Mum
 Mum and Mr N discussing! :-)
 My dream car was our car for the day, a MkII Jaguar
 Finally outside photos by the Parliamentary Library with the Beehive (parliament) in the background
 Possibly my favourite photo

 For those of a sweet nature, our cake(s) cam from Cupcakes in Miramar


  1. Oh, how gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing. :-)

    (I love that you wore sparkly burgundy shoes with your dress - such a fun colour to have peeking out from underneath and matching your jewellery!)

    1. Thanks Kat, I actually had two pairs of shoes ready, the others were suede peep toes, but in the end, I had to go with the sparkly sandals!

  2. What a lovely wedding and a lovely day. Good memories!

    1. Thanks MrsC, the day was amazing. Loved it!

  3. Congratulations on your beautiful wedding. You look stunning, and so happy...J