Thursday, 14 March 2013

Enforced absence...

It's about a week since my last post and it's likely to be another few weeks before the next.

Sewing around these parts is a bit non-existent at the moment. It's not for not having things to sew - I've loads, but I can't really get to do it very easily...Reason is this...

Nice colour of cast isn't it?

Mm, not really what I had in mind! I mentioned we went down to Queenstown for MrN's birthday. We had a great time. The hotel was close to the town, so it was easy to get into town for meals, etc. If you ever get the chance to go, I recommend it, yes, it's touristy, but it's fun for a weekend and there's loads to do. There is a gondola which goes up one peak, but we've done that before! So we...
Played crazy golf :-)

Had a lovely Thai meal

Went on the TSS Earnslaw on Lake Wakatipu

Where I took arty shots with the camera

Did some wine tasting...

Went to Arrowtown

And watched the PGA ProAm golf at the Hills (yes, that's Lydia Ko)

The Hills has lots of arty sculptures around the place
And that's where it ended... I slipped while walking up a hill and managed to break my ankle. Straight to the hospital we went. Since then, I've been sat at home on the sofa with my leg up and in plaster. It's likely to be like that for sometime to come... Sewing is not easy, since my leg really needs to be kept up for now and strangely, you get used to using the non-driving leg to balance somehow when sewing.

So I've not got out much the last week or two, but I do have a bloggers meet on Sunday to look forward to - yay, the WSBN (Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network) are meeting again! There's more information on Melissa's blog and if you ever feel like joining us, you'll get this cool image to add to your blog too :-)


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time in Queenstown...before, well you know...Love your photos, especially the ones of the mountains, they look pretty remarkable ;)

    We went on the Earnslaw when I was quite young, she's a beautiful old girl, I don't remember much but I got a wool spinning lesson on the other side, was pretty cool.

  2. I read this and clicked through to comment with this sentence in my head "it looks like a wonderful holiday, well, up until breaking your ankle" only to find that Mel had said virtually that exact thing. But it does look like it was a wonderful holiday and the ankle breakage does suck. I hope the flight and the holiday go well and you aren't too hampered by your pretty cast. Lots of massages and cocktails?

    1. Mm, I think that will have to be the way to spend my time... massages and cocktails! Only I don't recommend using crutches while drunk!

  3. Nikki - poor you :) Get well soon
    (P.S. You doing any sewing shopping on your trips?)

    1. Thanks Claire. Not sure about sewing shopping, I'll be tempted in Thailand though.

  4. Queenstown is so pretty - I've only been once before and that was for work (ew). I'm sorry to hear about your ankle :( When you are all healed you are more than welcome to join me for a walk sometime:D

    1. It is pretty, it's touristy, but I like it! Can't wait to get rid of the cast and be walking properly again.

  5. Oh man I am slow to this party and very sorry to see your poor sore ankle all trussed up and elevated! I hope you're managing to keep doing stuff around it, though I know how painful it can be not keeping it up.

    The cast though is a fab colour.

    PS happy belated birthday to your lovely man.