Sunday, 17 March 2013

St Patrick's Day fun

Our merry band is growing!

The Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network met up again today. It's now a regular thing in our diaries, organising something once a month. On a purely selfish note, I love it, we always have a great laugh, there's always lots to talk about, we even get to see new creations from pattern testers...

Today the plan originally was to have a picnic in the Botanic Gardens, but the forecast for rain (the first in nearly two months!) meant we changed our plans and at the request from one member, we went on the hunt for yum cha as we call it here in NZ, or dim sum.

So a merry throng of eight, plus our two mascots in the form of Ash and Drake, stuffed our faces with prawn dumplings, steamed pork balls, chilli beef, spring rolls, etc. Finishing with mango pudding...

From the Chinese restaurant we all decamped to Made on Marion to swap patterns, fabric and for a show and tell. Look at all these goodies...

The fabulous Joy had LOADS of patterns for us to look through

The best thing about swaps at Made on Marion means we can shop and/or finish off anything we're making. It's great and MrsC is the perfect host.

I succumbed and this is what I came away with from the swap.

Two lots of upholstery fabric which may become cushion covers.
Three patterns to add to my collection

I even bought some buttons from the shop...

And the team photo...

So from left to right on the sofas

Wendy - in a great top which she'd made.
Me - my old favourite dress made in the mid-90s! It was almost made to go with my cast :-)
FlossieFT - a dress she finished off this morning!
Curious Kiwi - in a fab Rooibos
The Girl from the Naki - just check out the colours in this latest creation
Piccolo Presents - with our latest mascot, baby Ash
The Ccrazy Gypsy - she even brought along the green jacket for us to check out
The Dreamstress - the expert on all things historical
PolyCraftual - in her latest infinity dress 

Sat on the floor are

Kat - with baby Drake looking so cute holding his toes!
Joy - the bringer of masses of patterns and fabric!
MrsC I think was busy with customers at the time and missed the photo :-(

Excuse the change of font size. Blogger is misbehaving and I've not the patience to sort it out at the moment!  


  1. It was so lovely to see you all - Sundays are usually so quiet but I was run off my feet, of course! Still, you'd expect Murphy's Law to rule on St Patricks Day! x

    1. It was busy yesterday, but that's good isn't it? :-)

  2. This looks like it would such fun! I wonder if there's anything like this where I live?
    The buttons you got are gorgeous, do you have anything in mind for them or have they inspired you to make anything? I like the patterns you got, all great wardrobe staples!

    1. It's good fun meeting up. I'd check out if there are any sewers near you and if they'd like to meet. The buttons are stash buttons or I might use them for pretend cufflinks on a shirt for my husband!

  3. What a great set of pictures you have! And it was great fun :)

  4. So, so much fun!! And those buttons - utter fabulousness!! :-D

  5. Lots of fun :) And mmmmmm, buttons.....

  6. Those buttons are exquisite!
    in reply to your comment: I'm going to see how it goes with bloglovin'... but you don't need a button to use it at all! I just started playing around with PS and made one, just for fun. The bloglovin' site does have some readymade buttons too, if you did want one for your sidebar. I'm looking forward to seeing how all the alternate reader systems compare to each other, I'm sure there will be lots of reviews before too long :) I'm interested to know how you find feedly.

  7. I love the buttons too .....and hope my JJ's work doesn't throw a curve ball to stop me coming to the next meetup. I'm missing all the fun lol!

  8. Sounds like so much fun :) I love those buttons btw!