Friday, 12 September 2014

Loud golf III - the houndstooth!

The third iteration of the Loud Golf trews, as a know how much you all love them. Again, I had a request for more and was driven down to Spotlight/Fabric Warehouse on a combined trip ;-)

Please excuse the photos, Mr N really does not like having his photo taken and doesn't like time being spent on composition or anything.

I actually made these, all bar the hemming in time for The Monthly Stitch mono sewn month, which seems like an age ago (July).

There really is little to say about these. I made the same changes as with Mark II, and this time, I actually drafted pattern pieces to make it easier! So I drafted pieces for the front slash pockets. They work so much better than in seam pockets, not that you can see it very well in this photo :-)

I also enlarged the back pockets too.

I was lazy and didn't try to match the pattern anywhere ;-) Just check out that houndstooth! I finished both the inside and outside leg seams using a flat felled seam. It's not easy with trousers sewing flat felled seams! The top stitching was all done using black cotton. I actually used a metal zip for the trousers this time. Hopefully this will be a bit stronger.

And so the details...  
Fabric: Cotton twill from Spotlight, May 2014.
Notions:   Thread, a metal zip, interfacing for the waistband and a button for the waistband too.
Pattern:  Vogue 8719
First worn:  To a trip to Wainuiomata Golf Club with a friend on a very wet day in late August.
Changes made:   Altered the inseam side pockets to be slash pockets and also enlarged the back pockets.
Another one?  There is another pair in the offing - beware!

One last photo... Don't ask!


  1. Oh My gosh, I love these!! Black and white Houndstooth trousers, I would totally wear them. And, I beg to differ, Mr. N, is totally ROCKING that photoshoot!

    1. He he, thanks! I love them, just needed my sunglasses to make them! Mr N is very good at posing as above ;-)

  2. He may not like photos - that should be standard in your Contract To Sew btw ;) - but he does know how to ham it up, does he strike that pose on the golf corse too?

    1. Good point, need to set up the CTS ;-) Given the chance he'd pose like that anywhere - just don't encourage him!

  3. Giant houndstooth is always appropriate. The pants are great and that last photo is awesome, rock it Mr N!

    1. Ha ha! :-D I think Mr N was quite happy to pose in that way!