Thursday, 16 October 2014

No one puts the Baby (Lock) in the corner...

At the beginning of September I posted all about my sewing room.

We now have a new addition to the family on the sewing table... Something I've wanted for a while.

You mean to say you still have worked out what it is..?
OK, I'll put you out of your misery...

Have you guessed now?

Oh yeah!


And Baby herself...

Yes, I finally have an overlocker!

We'd gone out in the morning of what would have been my Dad's birthday to do our civic duty - it was general election day

Get stuff for the kitties and to get a few things from Spotlight (where Christmas had already started...)

Spotlight had overlockers on offer. I pointed one out to Mr N, he was quite shocked, he honestly though it was a large arm thing which attached to a normal machine, not a machine which is actually separate and quite possibly smaller than my sewing machine! So I said that I'd rather buy one from a local sewing machine shop rather than Spotlight - no offence Spotlight, but with something like this, I rather go where staff have time to spend with me.

Next thing I know, he's offering to drive me down there and so next stop...

A girl doesn't turn down an offer like that!

Wellington Sewing Services are down in Kilbirnie down near the airport and have so much stuff in there, not just an enormous array of sewing machines and overlockers, but a small fabric section, a mass of notions, embroidery threads, knitting wools, etc, etc. You name it, it's a treasure trove. I fully intend going back to have a proper look!

I tried out three machines, one Janome - which would have matched my machine, an Elna - which just didn't feel right and this Baby Lock which is fab! It's a bit noisier than my normal machine, but it is so easy to thread. It came with three white and one beige thread on it. I bought some black reels too and have already threaded it with these and it still works!! I can do a rolled hem and all sorts with it. Not that I've tried all the fancy stuff yet!!

I don't have any examples of the sewing so far, but I'm happy and she sits so happily on my sewing table with the other two machines!

All I need to do now is make some nice new matching covers for them all! Oh and get the Singer serviced and the case fixed...


  1. I got my first overlocker a couple of months ago. I've always wanted one too. So proud of my overlocked seams!

  2. I have a Janome overlocker which I *love*, but noticed a Babylock air threading model advertised second-hand in the local paper (for very low $s). I find it such a dream when I need to change colours frequently! The Janome overlocking quality is superior and its performance feels more 'solid' - but Babylock's slight deficiency in this area may be due to its prior life/history (?). Nonetheless, I am thrilled with them both: it really makes sewing so much more enjoyable....