Thursday, 20 October 2011

Me, just me...

OK, having seen this on about half a dozen blogs, I thought I'd share this A-Z of me. Join in if you like. I'm just nosy!

A - Age - A-hem 40 Shh, don't say it too loud, I'm still getting used to it!

B- Bed size - Lovely King size with room to sprawl, oh and toss and turn!

C - Chore you hate - Dusting. It's just continuous. I hate it, hate it.

D - Dogs - nope, never been good with them since one jumped up and licked my nose when I was about four! OK, ages ago, but I still don't like them jumping up. I've got a big anti-social cat instead...

E - Essential start to your day - Cup of tea.

F - Favourite colour - Tough question, possibly burgundy, but then purple is pretty high on the list too!

G - Gold or Silver - Silver, or white gold. I look awful in yellow gold.

H - Height - about 5'5.5 ish!

I - Instruments you play - A few... Recorder (still), 'cello (I've got grade 7), and a couple of others sort of. I also sing in a choir which says it's one of the best in the south-east... We do stuff on the radio and TV, so... (Does singing count as an instrument?)

J - Job title - Librarian ('nuff said, but my official title is Information Services Librarian.) Yes I went to university to learn how to count, how to use a date stamp and how to put my hair in a bun and wear a twin set and two piece...

K - Kids - Yes, please.

L - Live - Hertfordshire, UK, but can't wait to escape to EnZed...

M - Mother's name - Jill (with a "J" not a "G")

N - Nicknames - Sis, Right-foot-'eavy 'erriott

O - Overnight hospital stays - Once to have my wisdom teeth out :-(

P - Pet Peeves - just a few! Text speak when it's perfectly possibly to use natural language. The lack of use of indicators by drivers. Yes, I know you wondered what that stalk on the steering wheel column was for... It lets me know where you're going.

Q: Quote from a movie - "I'm a good girl I am" - from My Fair Lady. I love Audrey Hepburn.
R - Right or left-handed - Right-handed.

S - Siblings - an older brother, who likes to father me a bit...

T - Time you wake up - About 6.30, so I can leave for work at 7.30am.

U - Underwear - Of course.

V - Vegetable you hate - Erm, not sure... Oh celery - yuk!

W - What makes you run late? - Traffic and spending time deciding what to wear!

X - X-Rays you have had - Lost count, probably about ten, if you include those at the dentist?

Y - Yummy food that you make - Fruit cake, homemade bread, lasagne, mostly sweet things. Mr N is the savoury chef!

Z - Zoo animal - elephants, elephants and more elephants, everytime.


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