Monday, 24 October 2011

Thrift success!

Well I'm way behind on my pencil skirt which I'm supposed to have drafted and made following Sew Country Chick's draft-a-long. I've had tonsillitis and a chest infection, followed by a stomach bug, so all in all, my sewing has taken a back seat over the past few weeks.

So to cheer myself up, I thought I'd check out the one secondhand shop I know which has fabric, patterns, an enormous tin of buttons and see what I could find...

First up, two lots of fabric, a check fabric, which I think possibly has wool in it. Not sure, but I've got about 2 metres of 60 wide, so it might even make a shift dress! It only cost £2!

Next, a navy textured material. There's loads of this. Now I've got it home, I think it might actually be curtain material. It's quite think and heavy. Not really sure what it is at all. It's got a crepe-y feel, but it certainly isn't crepe! At the time, it seemed useful and a bargain at £3. I'm not good at turning down bargains like that!!

There were some lovely other fabrics there, but not really enough to do anything with, or that I could use. A bright shot orange lining material for one, but how can I use about 30 cm of it??

Next up these buttons. Not much really, but I thought the colour was so pretty and they looked quite delicate on the card. One has been removed, but I'm sure I can use the others, or just leave them on the card to look pretty!!

Finally, I found this... It's a Simplicity Simply the Best Guide to Fit

Everything is still in there, the guides to measuring and adjusting patterns, as well at the tissue to make the adjustments. I'm not sure when it dates back to, possibly the 80s? Does anyone have any idea? I've tried looking it up on t'Interweb, without much success. I doubt it'll ever get used, but it just seemed like a nice thing to buy and at 25p, who can argue??

So back to drafting my pencil skirt...

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