Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Eighties sorbetto

Well this is my first Sorbetto top from Colette patterns. I've used a really old fabric I found in my stash at home. I think the rest was a dress when I left school (help, that's over 20 years ago)!

How's this for a real 80's geometric pattern? 

There wasn't enough to cut out the full width front, so I decided to make the front pleat smaller. I didn't lengthen the pattern like some, the idea with this one was really to see how the pattern came out and go from there.

I found some plain white fabric at home with which to make the bias binding and used my new bias making gadget. I don't think I cut it particularly well, as it didn't work brilliantly. Although thanks to Miss P, I think I shall be well away now, as well as getting through lots of drafting tape!

The bias binding didn't go on particularly well, possibly for a number of reasons... I didn't make it very well, the top had been sitting around for ages because I was busy and I was getting fed up with it not being finished and I probably had the TV on at the same time and was watching that too much!!

Well here's the finished item...

It's getting it's first outing for SSS'11, since I've decided it doesn't look too bad and might be fun to wear!! So watch this space!

Thanks Colette Patterns!

In the meantime, the next Sorbetto has already been cut out and is on it's way! The fabric I've used for the next has a silver thread running through it (on white), I'd love to find a silvery grey fabric to make the bias strips. Any suggestions??

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