Monday, 5 September 2011

SSS '11 Days 1 to 4

Here's my first posting for Self-Stitched September '11, my first challenge. I've a feeling that Widow Twanky (aka the washing machine) will be working overtime this month, unless I get sewing fast!

Day 1

Dress:  Simplicity 2588, which I blogged about here. I got some really nice comments at work. I'm really pleased with how the dress turned out. I imagine it'll get another outing before the end of the month.

Not my normal day at work, we were doing training, learning how to be administrators for our Herts Memories websites.

Day 2

Blouse:  This came from Monsoon a couple of years ago.
Skirt:  A Prima magazine pattern I made about four years ago, long before I had a blog. This was really easy to make. It's basically lots of panels which are sewn onto a basque. I practically live in this skirt in the summer, even though it is white! I'll try to put a bit more description up in the future.

Day 3

I had to work again on Saturday, one of my one in three, and also one of the many different libraries I end up working in, hence the pink lanyard again.
Dress:  Simplicity 2444, which I made summer 2010. This is the same make and pattern fabric as Day 1, just a different colourway. Another dress I love to wear and was just right for a hot day in a library with no air-con!

Day 4

This photo did not come out well, but it's still me!! Mr N took this, the first one was blurred and this I look demented! I think I was just worn out from the gym (I'd not been for a while!)
Dress:  New Look 6557, blogged about here. It's a sun dress, hence the cardigan on top. I ended up doing housework and all sorts in this, but it didn't show any marks at all. I spent the rest of the afternoon yesterday cutting out fabric bought on holiday and looking through the stash to see if I could get a skirt or sorbetto from the leftovers. More of which later...

So here's to another week of self-stitched clothes. Another update to come next Sunday.

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