Monday, 19 September 2011

SSS'11 Days 12 to 18

Another week bites the dust!! I've done very little sewing and so have ended up repeating clothes now.

Day 12
My own version of Simplicity 2360, blogged here in June, worn with a skirt from La Redoute. I love this top. It's so comfy and it makes me feel good wearing it. I'm pleased how it turned out. As you can see like most of my photos it was taken at work. I'd been sorting out the maps in the map cabinet and my colleagues decided I needed to be photographed beside it!

Day 13
Simplicity 2588, worn on day 1. The first repeat! I couldn't wait for some nice weather to wear this dress again. I love it, the fit is brilliant and I love the colours. A bit of a frantic day, organising events at work, planning a training session for the next day, busy, busy, wondering if the world was going to stop spinning so I could get off!

Day 14
My turn to deliver the training with a colleague. Comfortable clothes needed and layers too, since the training room can get hot and cold, depending on how well the air-con is working! I also wore this on day 2. I decided to wear this today with a chocolate coloured t-shirt.

Day 15
I had loads of lovely comments on Flickr about this dress when I wore it on day 10, I was quite chuffed. It's an age old dress, but it's not lost it's colour and more importantly, it still fits me! It was a bit chilly at work, so I wore this with a burgundy fluffy cardigan from Next.

Day 16
We thought you might like the spiral staircase in this library. It goes up to the attic (stack) and also down to the crypt (basement local studies store). Since I'd spent loads of time downstairs today, they decided I needed to have the photo by the stairs. I'm wearing my pink top from day 11 and a navy blue skirt from Next, not to mention the white cardigan which has also had new buttons sewn on it.

Day 17
I was at a loss with what to wear today. In the end I grabbed my sorbetto and went for it. I've spent the day doing housework and finally getting down to some sewing this afternoon. I had got a bit chilly by the time I had this taken, so hence the cardigan from Macy's. What was I sewing - well that will have to wait...

Day 18
Not sure what's happened with this. It's overexposed and I can't get rid of the red-eye! I've cheated today and possibly failed the task... All I've worn today is a cardigan I replaced the buttons on. Sourcing the buttons for this was a labour of love, since they are very small buttonholes (about 1/4 inch). They came from As Cute as a Button in the US, blogged about here.

For those who are interested, here are before and after photos of the buttons.

 Not so nice shell buttons

Nice new sparkly buttons

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