Monday, 12 September 2011

SSS'11 Days 5 to 11

Well I'm still managing to wear something different each day. Don't think it'll last much longer, I'm running out of outfits!

Day 5

My self-drafted skirt, blogged about here. I love this skirt and wear it a lot. It's warm and it's so cheerful that I think it'll be going into the autumn to keep me happy when the grotty weather comes. Oh and this is why we don't have date-stamps at work - we have these self-issue units which the public use to issue their books and DVDs, etc out.

Day 6

It started getting chilly this week and I ended up digging out cardigans and tights! Tights in September, generally unheard of in my book. I made this wrap dress about four/five years ago using a lovely silk fabric. The fabric wasn't cheap, but I loved it so much, I had to have it. Unfortunately I've put a bit on since I bought it and had to put a vest top underneath (it was cold too!) The pattern is another Prima pattern. The pumps I bought in Edinburgh. They're fab, they came in so many different colours, but decided to go with a sensible shade when I could only afford one pair!

Day 7

Oh I had a bad day today. I was full of cold and felt awful. I'm surprised I managed to smile for this. I'm wearing my new Sorbetto, I'm quite chuffed with the comments I've had. It's a real 80's pattern, but it's so cheerful and colourful that loads said how nice it looked. Perhaps it might stay in the wardrobe yet!!

Day 8

OK, so it had got cold, so out come the warmer clothes. This green top (yes it is green) was also made about four years ago from another Prima pattern. It's a lovely bottle green satin. It actually has 3/4 sleeves, but the air-con made the library freezing and so the cardigan stayed on all day! For those interested, the bottom half was a pair of black trousers.

Day 9

Who says libraries are glamorous? This is the workroom in one of our libraries. Not that pretty really and cold too! This blouse was made in May 2011, before my blog started. It's Burda Style pattern 7831, not that you can see it very well. It's made in a sort of cheesecloth type fabric with a fine stripe. However, because it was cold, I ended up with the navy skirt and cardigan, both RTW.

Day 10

I planned ages ago to go up to London today. So this was my shopping outfit! I went off to Goldhawk Road and bought loads (some described yesterday). This dress is years old. I made it about eleven years ago (yes 11!) for a friends' wedding. The colour has hardly faded and it's so comfy. It was hidden away for years as I lived with someone who hated it, but I never had the heart to throw it out. I'm so glad I didn't. It's getting a new lease of life and adding a belt to it really works. I still have the pattern upstairs, so I'll write a post about it one day (with one of the original photos!!)

Day 11

Phew! The end of another week. This is the top I blogged about here. We had family round today for Sunday lunch and I'm full with roast beef and trimmings, followed by blackberry and apple crumble with custard - yummy! It's also possibly why I look quite fat!! :-) Fortunately the weather has got a bit warmer and again I can wear some summery clothes!

Here's to the next week, we'll soon be over half way through! It's gone so fast and it's really lovely seeing others creations.

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