Sunday, 11 September 2011

My Goldhawk Rd haul!

I've spent possibly the last day of summer wandering around West London, in particular Goldhawk Road and Shepherd's Bush Market. Following the bloggers trip to Goldhawk in June (blogged here and here, to mention just a couple of blogs), I've always wanted to get over there, but not made it, until today.

The weather was lovely, but I forgot my camera to take some happy snaps :-( I wore my old faithful dress, made for a friend's wedding about 11 years ago. No you can't see the photo here, it'll be on my weekly update for SSS'11! Patience please!

What I want to show you is my fabric haul and this isn't all of it... The rest is quite boring to photograph, so you'll have to wait for the finished pieces to see it!

First selection, a brown linen with a patterned linen to go with it. The patterned one has sequins on too. I was intending to make a skirt, but I've got a metre of each and they're 60" wide, so methinks there may be a bit more than just a skirt there!

I fell in love with this. It's a burgundy red with cream. The plan was to get enough just to make a Sorbetto, but I was coerced into buying the remainder of the roll, so I've two metres! OK, so what to make now? It might actually make a top using the Simplicity peasant pattern I managed to thrift. It's a lovely soft cotton, I can't wait to use it!

Finally this lovely teal green and black tweed type fabric... It's got silver thread running through it too. It's going to make a lovely straight skirt. I found this brilliant lining to go with it too! This will cheer up the winter days. Straight skirt or A-line? Which do you think??

I could have spent a fortune and didn't get all I hoped to get. I've got two patterns I want to make, but didn't get fabric for those (more a case of not making my mind up, rather than the lack of choice!) Not sure I'll get back to London for a while. I think they may be an online purchase. In the meantime, I've enough to keep me out of mischief I think!

Goldhawk Road is to be recommended though. Leave time to browse, don't forget the basements and secondly, just treat the staff as they treat you. You'll get sweet-talked in some shops, saying viewing is free for today only and hello lovely lady, etc. In others, they are so polite and quiet and will only talk when asked. I even got asked if I wanted a massage today, as the assistant did them in his spare time!! Enjoy!

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