Monday, 26 September 2011

SSS'11 Days 19 to 25

I can't believe it's day 25 already! This month has gone so fast!

Day 19
My new sparkly sorbetto. I finished this last weekend, so I decided to give it an outing straight away!

TopSparkly Sorbetto
Skirt:  from La Redoute
Belt:  M&S

The top has worked really well, I'm pleased with how the sleeves went in, even if they weren't made for this pattern!

Day 20
This makes me look important (I wish!) One of my favourite skirts.

Cardigan:  Monsoon
Skirt:  My bright pink flowery skirt made in June

Day 21
It felt cold this morning, so out came the thick tights and a warmer dress.

Dress:  Made about four years ago from a Prima magazine pattern, a longer version of the green blouse worn on Day 8. It's the one and only item I've made from jersey. Although I made a couple of modifications from the pattern, it's actually had lots of wear and is really warm and comfortable and a staple for my winter wardrobe.
Cardigan:  Macy's (yep, the NYC department store!)

Day 22
My geometric sorbetto. Another chilly day, it must have been, I had trousers on and I never wear trousers!

Cardigan:  La Redoute (a nicer orange than it looks)
TopSorbetto, made at the beginning of the month!
Trousers:  M&S

Day 23
Day off work to spend quality time with my sewing machine! This was taken in the evening after a busy day of sewing, going out to lunch with Mr N, etc. Determined to be comfy I wore...

Skirt:  Pink flowery skirt, worn day 20 (above)
Cardigan:  Wallis

Day 24
This has become a favourite. I had to wear this again with the nice weather back again. I even got a comment at work with a colleague saying I always wear lovely dresses!

DressSimplicity 2588, made August

Day 25
We went for walk today round a local park. There's a nice house too, but Mr N decided my photo needed to be taken in front of a golf green! Typical!

Cardigan:  Monsoon
T-shirt:  Wallis
Skirt:  Self-stitched made Friday (on my day off!)

I'm really enjoying this month. Only five days left, I can't believe it!!

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